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We at Cosmec are very excited to introduce our new web site.  In every step of creating this site we have considered our customer’s needs.  We have made an effort to accommodate requirements for information and made it easy to navigate through the different categories to locate any particular data.

Our Home page offers a quick glimpse into the contents of our site. Our animations and pictures display the kind of quality product that you will receive from Cosmec.

Under our Products tab we have explained the dynamics of each bearing variety.  This information can prove useful when selecting bearing types.  This information is available in a print friendly format.

For reference purposes, we have also listed some of the projects for which we have supplied bearings.

Under the Associations tab you will find direct links to all 50 State Web Sites and DOT web sites.  We have also included links to the web sites of Organizations whose specifications Cosmec follows.

Our management page gives direct contact information to our Management team.

The News page will be updated as required to keep the most up-to-date information available to the reader. If you do not see a particular article you will have the option to search the archives.

We have taken time to outline many F.A.Q.s that we think will resolve many issues. This page will also have a search option. If you do not see your question in the first look, it may be in the extended search.

If you have looked through our site and you are still unable to locate the information that you need, you can contact us or send an email directly to our staff requesting assistance. These inquiries are frequently checked and a response given as quickly as possible.  You can also send a direct email to your Sales Representative by selecting your state on our map.

Overall we want to be sure to keep this site adaptable so that we can keep up with any shifts in the industry.  We encourage all to use our site as an information bank.  We will keep the information contained within current and we welcome any fresh ideas for additions to our site.

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